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                  The Truth Behind Botox

                  For many people, the science behind Botox injections doesn’t so much matter, as long as the result is everything they could want it to be, and more. However, isn’t it essential to understand at least the basic information behind Botox and how it works so you can make a fully informed decision? Below, we cover a few facts about Botox injections.

                  The Toxin

                  Botox injections don’t consist entirely of a synthetic product. Instead, they are a direct result of toxins released by a soil bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. These toxins released by the bacteria affect the body’s muscular junctions, stopping your body from releasing acetylcholine – a chemical it uses to help your muscles contract.

                  This chemical forms a vital role in transmitting information to your nerve cells. Because the toxin interrupts and ultimately ceases this process, it causes a reaction known as chemical denervation, resulting in paralysis in that area.

                  How Have We Used Botox Over the Years

                  One of the first discoveries, before medical professionals came to understand how effective Botox injections were, was that the Botulinum toxin could interfere and alter your neuromuscular signal transmittances. Both doctors and scientists then set about isolating this property, trying to figure out how they could apply it to the medical field. First, however, they would have more sinister uses.

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                  What Causes Hair Loss?

                  Whether you’re male or female, hair loss can affect anyone. What’s more, there are many different reasons, and sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you use natural hair care products or not – you can’t always avoid it. While organic and natural ingredients can help to promote healthier hair growth, there are a host of reasons why hair loss may be something from which you suffer. Here are a few of the many reasons why, and what you may be able to do to make a change.


                  Unfortunately, genetics is not something you can change. If your parents suffer from hair loss, then there’s every reason to believe you can too. Even conditions such as alopecia can be passed down through the generations.

                  Changes in Your Hormone Levels

                  If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance as a result of a thyroid issue, menopause, or even an ovarian cyst, then your hair can suffer as a result. Your hair follicles and roots can weaken, accelerating hair loss far beyond what you would typically see. You may like to try a natural hair care shampoo to see if it can slow it down.


                  When you find yourself stressed at home or work, your entire body suffers – both your skin health and your hair. You can become dehydrated, exhausted, and hair follicles are not able to access the same nutrients as before. Therefore, they weaken which can cause your hair to fall out. Get your stress under control, and you may be able to stop the dramatic hair loss.

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                  How to Get Insurance for Engagement Rings

                  The cost of purchasing engagement rings in Australia, on average, is around $5,300. If you bought a car for $5,300, you would get insurance for it – wouldn’t you? Therefore, insuring engagement rings of similar value makes sense as well. If you lose your ring, it’s stolen, or it becomes damaged, having insurance offers peace of mind that you are going to be able to replace it with a ring of similar value – even if the sentimental factor is not the same.

                  How do I Get Insurance for My Engagement Rings in Australia?

                  Diamonds and Pearls Perth tells us that there are two primary ways you can go about getting insurance for your engagement rings. You can cover it under your home and contents insurance – as long as you include portable contents cover, or you can opt for specialist jewellery insurance. Even though you may pay a little more for specialist insurance, it can, in many cases, offer a higher level of cover.

                  What Happens If I Insure My Rings with Contents Insurance?

                  If you decide to include your engagement rings under your home contents insurance, it’s imperative to upgrade your policy to include portable contents. If you don’t, you may find yourself not covered if you lose your ring outside your property. When you upgrade to portable insurance, you can generally cover up to $6,000 but may only receive $2,000 for an individual item.

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                  Why BodyAttack Group Fitness Classes Could Be for You

                  Have you ever found yourself tiring of the same old routine? Going for a run can, of course, be beneficial for your body, but there can be many drawbacks as well. What’s more, a solo run offers none of the benefits of a group fitness class such as BodyAttack. If you’re tired of pounding the pavement, or you’re looking for something new, here’s why a BodyAttack group fitness class could be for you.

                  You’ve Hit the Wall

                  It’s not uncommon to hit the wall in your exercise routine. You may tire of going along the same road for a run every day, or you may discover you’re no longer losing weight or feeling any fitter. That’s when you need to find a new way to exercise. A BodyAttack group fitness class could be the answer because it pushes your body to the limit. It’s a medium to high-intensity exercise with sports-inspired workouts. You don’t require any equipment, but you get to take part in a 55-minute cardio class to improve speed, fitness, agility, and strength.

                  You Want to Make Friends

                  Going for a run on your own can be freeing for the soul, helping you to melt away the stresses of the day. What it doesn’t do, however, is let you make friends. Running is very much a solo activity, and BodyAttack aims to change that. When you join a group fitness class such as BodyAttack, you will immediately love the group dynamic. While you’re there to take part in high-energy training, you also enjoy an element of camaraderie, encouraging everyone to push and challenge themselves. You may even make lifelong friends in the process.

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                  What Is Capital Gains Tax And Does It Apply To Me?

                  Australian tax laws can be complicated even to experienced accountants, which means that they can be nearly impossible to navigate for the average person. Sure, you might have finally figured out how to fill out your own tax return at the end of the year, but what about capital gains tax?

                  What is capital gains tax?

                  Accountant Perth advise that Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is tax that you pay on the sale of a property or other investment. It only applies to the profit or loss that you made on the sale, which means that you have to be careful when calculating CGT. For example, if you bought an investment property for a million dollars in the past, and then went on to sell it for two million some time later, you would have made a capital gain of a million dollars. This capital gain needs to be added to your tax return, and you will have to pay tax on it.

                  What is the taxation rate for CGT?

                  The CGT taxation rate can actually be a little bit confusing to work out. A lot of people think that you have to pay tax on the entirety of your sale. This is not the case. You will only ever pay tax on a capital gain, and you can claim capital losses back on your tax return.

                  If you have held an asset for more than 12 months, you will get a discount on your capital gains. Instead of adding the entire gain to your tax return, you will only need to add half of it. This means that you will only pay tax on half of your capital gains. Once your capital gain amount has been worked out, it is added onto your normal income tax return, and you will pay normal tax rates on it. The actual amount of tax you pay will depend on your total income and on what tax bracket you end up falling into.

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                  5 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Landscaping Business

                  Once you make the decision to start up a landscaping business like Lone Pine Landscapes, there is a lot to do and understand, even if you’ve worked in the area before. It is easy to get carried away with enthusiasm and make mistakes that can have your dream tumbling down, along with your cash flow. So here are 5 mistakes to avoid when starting up your business.

                  • Landscaping is not just mowing, although it can include that. There will be many kinds of implements and equipment that you are likely to need in carrying out your various landscaping chores. It’s important to not rush out and purchases them all, especially those high ticket items like ditch diggers. Instead, purchase the things you’ll use a lot of and sub-contract or hire the rest, at least until you can afford to buy them.? And while it’s important to have modern equipment, you can save money to start with by purchasing good used equipment.
                  • Not answering the phone is going to cost you money. When people do their research and pick two or three people to do their gardening work, the next step is to phone them. If you don’t answer, they’ll go onto the next one on their list. Of course it is hard to answer when you are working or driving. But you can have the calls redirected to someone else who can answer for you or hire an answering service. Otherwise, you need to leave a friendly but professional message on the phone promising to call back within a certain time such as at lunch time or during your afternoon break.
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                  How to Own Your Own Home Cinema

                  Once, the television was part of the living room and still is, in many cases. But people who want a better experience when watching movies like to design their own home theatre. This is just what Sam Sorgiovanni has done with the design of the superyacht Amara – there is a cinema room that seats 16 people on that yacht, incorporated into all the other luxury fittings such as pools, saunas and elegant dining rooms.

                  There is no reason for an upmarket home to have anything less, albeit you may not want yours to seat 16; then again, if you entertain it would be good to have a room large enough to seat that many people in comfort – or more. Most people enjoy watching a good movie and this is one way to ensure they can get the most out of it, especially with surround sound and no distractions from the rest of the house.

                  It’s also a wonderful way to show off those pictures and movies from your last overseas holiday. And if you have guests staying over the weekend or longer, watching a movie can be a great way to finish off the day’s activities, especially in winter when it may be too cold to spend much evening time outdoors.

                  It is not that difficult to convert a spare room into a home theatre, but if you are building your own home it’s much better to have it designed especially right from the start. That way you can make sure it is comfortable, soundproofed and has all the fittings in the correct places for when you get your new television and surround sound gear.

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                  How to Create a Mini-Bali at Home

                  If you’ve been to Bali for a holiday you probably didn’t want to come back home at the end of it. Many people fall in love with the friendly people, the culture, lifestyle and food and go back again and again to enjoy it. They even love the Balinese outdoor furniture ?– available in Australia from Drovers Inside and Out, that is so different from what they are used to, yet allows them to truly relax during their holiday.

                  If you have felt like that at the end of your travels, why not create a mini-Bali at home? Here’s how: –

                  • Create an outdoor space for relaxing in and purchase Balinese style outdoor furniture from a store that imports it.
                  • Purchase some Bali flags and statues to decorate the garden.
                  • If you live in a tropical area you’ll also be able to grow similar exotic plants and flowers.
                  • If you live in an area too cool for tropical plants, buy a few fake ones; these days they look real enough.
                  • Learn how to make the same kinds of drinks you enjoyed in Bali and serve them up in similar glasses.
                  • When you go to Bali, take a short cooking course for your favourite meals, then you’ll be able to serve them up to family and friends in your mini- Bali.
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                  Pros and Cons of Free Drug Rehab Treatment

                  Drug rehab treatment?at a facility such as Sivana Rehab is notoriously costly and for those who may have spent years as an addict it is almost impossible to afford, especially if it is a residential clinic. The day clinics are cheaper, but their recovery rate may not be as high due to the addict returning to a high-risk environment each night. However, there are some free residential clinics available, which may be a good option for those who want to kick the habit that is wrecking their lives.

                  While state funded rehab clinics are available, there are pros and cons to using them. Here are some things to consider before making a choice.


                  • The biggest pro is that these clinics are free of charge. People who absolutely cannot afford the cost of drug rehab can get help.
                  • They are often reasonably close so there is little cost for travelling.
                  • If you have no or few financial resources, they are certainly better than nothing.
                  • They are residential, so you don’t have to return to a high risk environment each night.
                  • They use programmes that have worked for many drug addicts in the past.
                  • They have some volunteer medical staff, so you are likely to get people who know a lot about drug treatment.
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                  10 Clothing Tips for Overseas Travel

                  Whether you intend to travel to Bali or some other overseas holiday destination, deciding what clothes to take can consume a lot of time, especially if you’ve never been there before. Once thing to remember is that blending in with the crowd can help to avoid becoming the target of pickpockets, scammers – especially if it well known that you are staying in a villa – and even the racial hatred that seems to be so prevalent in some countries.

                  People in western countries have a very relaxed idea of casual attire, which is not the norm in many Asian countries. Since your clothing is often what makes you stand out in a crowd, here are some tips on what to pack for your overseas holiday and what to leave at home.

                  • For couples, wearing matching T-shirts will make you stand out as a tourist, something you want to avoid if possible.
                  • Wearing a T-shirt with a national flag, swearword, a religious symbol or a hand depicting what could be considered a rude gesture is out.
                  • Wearing skimpy clothing is something that should be avoided in most Asian countries as it is offensive to the culture. People in shorts and sleeveless tops are generally not allowed to go into temples, churches or some clubs.
                  • Open-toed shoes, sandals and flip-flops should be left for beachwear only, as many countries are unhygienic and you can sustain scratches or cuts that quickly become infected unless your feet are protected. In addition, in the event of a plane evacuation due to fire, leather lace-up shoes will protect your feet from burns and cuts.
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                  How to Get Rid of that Tattoo

                  Sometimes we do stupid things when we are young and regret them a great deal as we mature.? Tattoos come under this heading. During that time of our teens and early twenties we are in a rebellious frame of mind and may get extensive tattoos that we realise a few years down the track look very ugly. If that has happened to you, consider investigating PicoSure Tattoo Removal.

                  Once, it was well-known that if you got a tat you would have it for life whether you wanted it or not. When you are young you don’t realise that having a tattoo can actually interfere with your job prospects and even with your social life. If the tattoo is extensive and ugly you will probably be branded as a bikie or a criminal even if you never learned to ride a motorbike or saw the inside of a police station.

                  You would not be accepted for any kind of job where security of any kind was important. You couldn’t work with children or do many other things that you may want to and had the skills to do. That is why you suddenly realise that it is time to get rid of the tat. Or on the other hand you might just want to replace it with a different one for some reason.

                  PicoSure tattoo removal uses special laser treatment to break down the ink in the tattoo so that your body will see it as a foreign substance and be able to remove it. The benefit of the new treatment is that the pulse of the laser is much faster than previous similar treatments. This allows a stronger pulse to be delivered with fewer complications or damage to the skin.

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                  Why a Kitchen Renovation is a Good Investment

                  Whether you are looking for some way to make your home worth more, or just want to enhance your own lifestyle, a kitchen renovation is considered to be one of the best investments. If you want to sell in the near future, it is the kitchen that all women look at first. If you ask someone like Colray Cabinets, the kitchen cabinets are old-fashioned and the kitchen looks drab, it is highly likely to turn people away.

                  But what if you are not planning to sell? Having a great kitchen will surely enhance your lifestyle. While all the house is important, the kitchen is a room where much work is done, where people gather to access the essentials to life; food and water. It is the room where food is prepared and from whence those delicious aromas emanate each evening.

                  The kitchen truly is the hub of the home, so it is important for it to look nice. If you have to be in an ugly room it is very difficult to feel happy and content. If that room is not very functional, but you still have to be there and use all the inconvenient parts of it on a daily basis, you will not be living the kind of lifestyle that you want. Rather, stress, tension, frustration and annoyance are the kinds of feelings that you will be coping with.

                  If your kitchen is drab looking and does not function as well as you’d like, renovating it will make a great difference to your overall enjoyment of life. You will look forward to coming home from work to create a beautiful meal for the family simply because the kitchen is now a room you can enjoy being in.

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                  Why Designer Garden Pots are a Good Choice

                  Many people love gardening but for some reason cannot have a garden. This may be because of their living environment or due to their health. However, most people can have at least one pot plant to keep them happy. If you have a tiny courtyard or room for just a few planters on your patio, it is important to get it right if they are to look pleasing. Using designer garden pots has several advantages.

                  • Visual appeal. Designer garden pots can be sophisticated or casual, but no matter what type they are they will add visual appeal to your surroundings.
                  • A pot plant can be enhanced by the pot it lives in; it will have much less appeal if you dump in into a black plastic pot.
                  • The pot that contains the plant provides at least half of the appeal of the whole. When your plants are not flowering, or when the display has gone past its best, the attractive pot below it will still provide something good to look at. Even if there is nothing in the pot at all, it can still provide an attractive focal point on the patio or in the courtyard.
                  • Courtyard and balcony plants often don’t have showy flowers; rather their appeal is in the shape and colour of the leaves or the shape of the plant. A designer pot has a similar subtle beauty that will set off those plants to the best advantage.
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                  Things for the Newcomer to do in Bali

                  If you have never been to Bali before there are many wonderful things to do there. But for the person who has never travelled overseas before, knowing what to do and arranging to do it can be somewhat overwhelming. One of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday to Bali is to book some of the tours that are available. That way you have a group to go with and someone to organise all the travelling details for you.

                  There are many activities to enjoy and places to see with a group of other tourists just like you and participating with them for a few days will give you more confidence to go out and about on your own. Here are just some of the fun things you can do on an arranged tour.

                  • Go white water rafting down the Ayung River and ride an elephant afterwards. Friendly guides ensure you are safe and you can choose the level of difficulty. After, you can watch the endangered elephants put on a talent show and also ride on one of them. This takes a whole day with lunch and a hot shower included.
                  • Go on a day trip from Bali to the protected Lembongan Island. Snorkelling in the clear waters surrounding the island to see amazing coral formations and beautiful fish, riding in a banana boat and having fun on the waterslides will keep you busy and happy all day long. There are also extra options of parasailing and scuba diving.
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                  How to Avoid Your Home Burning Down

                  When renovating an older home, most people tend to look at what is visible to make their decision about where to start their renovations. However, it is often what is hidden that needs fixing first. Any qualified electrician?will tell you that fires in older homes are often caused by faulty wiring. Electrical wiring is just like anything else; it wears out over time and should be replaced.

                  In addition, older homes are often not sealed very well and this allows mice into the ceiling cavity where they can chew on the wiring. Once the plastic cover is gone the live wires are exposed, with sparks from the resulting short-out setting the framework on fire. Before you know it, the whole house has gone up in smoke.

                  Even without rodents chewing the wiring it can simply degrade, especially in locations that experience a very hot climate. Eventually the protective covering wears away, leaving live wires exposed to do their damaging work. Some really old homes have been found with large rings of blackened ash around burnt out wiring. These are the lucky ones that didn’t catch on fire for some unaccountable reason.

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                  Basic Principles of Social Media Marketing

                  Are you looking for organic ways to get more customers for your online business? You may have decided to try one of the more common forms of digital marketing, social media.? One of the most common ways is to set up a Facebook Business Page to showcase your products and get your friends – and hence, their friends, – to Like it. There are varying opinions on whether it works, how it works and why it should – or shouldn’t – work for specific business models. But if you have never done it before, here are some basic principles of social media marketing you need to know about.

                  • No matter what kind of business you have, ‘the customer is always right’ is a good adage to go by, but even more so in social media marketing. Why? Because if you try to argue with a customer it will soon be all over the media, often to the detriment of your business. So take hasty steps to make that customer a happy camper.
                  • Don’t offer personal triviality. Potential customers don’t want to know what you like for breakfast. They want to know about the quality of your product and whether your company offers returns.
                  • Don’t be satisfied with a business page. Do a paid ad as well. It will promote your product and people that see both will trust you more.
                  • Really take part in the community, don’t just post and run. If you befriend people, especially those that are considered influencers, you’ll have more success yourself. But be genuine and sincere, don’t just do it for selfish reasons.
                  • Be positive. People have enough negativity to cope with. They love to see how people rose to meet a challenge. Even just being happy and positive about little things helps.
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                  Dealing with Substance Abuse at Home

                  If? a spouse or a child who still lives at home is addicted to drugs it can be very difficult to live with, especially if they become violent. It’s important to get them into drug rehab, but of course, you can’t force other adults to do this if they don’t want to. So how do you deal with the addiction and the violence? It is important if someone is violent for whatever reason to make sure you and your children remain safe.

                  Sometimes, the only way to do this is to leave. There are women’s shelters you can go to, or you might be able to stay with a friend or another family member until the danger is passed – until next time. Never confront such a person about their behaviour while they are angry or violent. Wait until they have calmed down and then tell them that if they don’t seek help you will need to leave.

                  Never think that their problem is your fault, even if they try to blame you. This is a cop-out for them; if they blame you then they don’t feel they have to change. If your loved one is not violent, but simply addicted to alcohol or drugs, encourage them to seek help by going to a treatment clinic or by joining Alcoholics Anonymous. Wait until they are relatively sober before suggesting it though, or they are unlikely to remember what you said or what they promised.

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                  3 Good Reasons to Use Colorbond Roofing

                  If you are building a new home there will be many decisions to make regarding the materials you use. These are important decisions so are worth due consideration. After all, you want your home to be made of durable material that will give value for money, provide good insulation and offer aesthetics as well. If it can be light as well as strong and have low maintenance, so much the better.

                  Colorbond roofing ticks all of the above boxes. However, there are even more reasons why steel roofing is a good choice.

                  • With the hot, dry Australian summers bushfires seem to be a part of the landscape, and not only in rural areas. Bushfires can spread into towns and even cities, where there are a lot of trees to provide fuel for them. Colorbond roofing is the ideal choice to help ward off fires, not only because it won’t catch on fire, but because it keeps embers from lodging in niches or under the eaves. This gives your home a better chance of survival if such a disaster should happen in your area.
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                  How to Stay Healthy in Bali

                  There is always some risk to your health when travelling even if it just because you will be mingling with a lot of people from different places who could spread the kinds of germs that your body has not built up immunity to. When going to places such as Indonesia and especially Bali, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of getting sick and having your holiday spoiled. Here are some tips to stay healthy?in Bali.

                  • First of all, take out sickness insurance before you leave home. This will ensure that you can be flown home quickly should you get hurt or sick, rather than going to a hospital that may not have the same quality of health care or the facilities that you are used to.
                  • Remember that Rabies is rife in Bali, so watch for wild animals and don’t try and pet the monkeys or the dogs. You can get rabies from a bite or a scratch.
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                  How To Provide Great Entertainment At a Party

                  When you are throwing a party, you’ll want to also add lots of fun entertainment. A party where people have nothing to do but talk and drink is somewhat boring.? One way to up the entertainment level at your party is to provide Kiss and Tell Photo Booths?so your guests can all have a bit of crazy fun dressing up and taking photos of themselves and their friends.? People are used to taking selfies with the mobile phones, but a booth provides an even better setting for them, where others won’t inadvertently get in the way.

                  There are many other ways to make your party fun and entertaining so your guests will enjoy it and remember it for months to come – and want to come back again next time.

                  • Add a mix of lively music so that everyone will hear something they like and can dance to
                  • You can also add other, more outrageous props and costumes for guests to use with the booth, apart from the ones already available.
                  • Teach people simple country dances that are fun and easy for all to do
                  • Have a live band to add a bit of romance to the occasion
                  • Choose a DJ with a lot of different music styles, who is experienced in getting parties to swing
                  • Hire an entertainer or group of entertainers suitable for the occasion
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                  How Juvederm Dermal Filler can Help You

                  Juvederm is a dermal filler product used to smooth out wrinkles and lines in the face. It is made from Hyaluronic acid, (HA) a substance that is found naturally in the body that delivers nutrients to the skin and helps it to remain soft and plump. Some dermal fillers also contain lidocaine, a topical anaesthetic that helps with localised pain of the injection. Many women find dermal fillers can help them even better than Botox, but you don’t have to choose one over the other, because both can be used.

                  Botox vs. dermal fillers?

                  Botox is often the preferred treatment for wrinkles on the top half of the face, although it can be used for the bottom half as well. But often, a better result is obtained by using dermal fillers to plump up the lips and fill out vertical lines around them. It is also used for those deep lines that run from the edge of your nose down to the mouth. Once these creases have been softened you will notice a big difference in your appearance. It can take years off your age.

                  Dermal fillers last longer

                  Juvederm is one of the most popular of dermal fillers, although there are other products used in the same way. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm last much longer than Botox injections, with two years being the expected length of time before you need to have it done again. With Botox, the time is 3-4 months, so you can see what a difference it is.

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                  8 Ways to Enjoy Landscape Design

                  It doesn’t matter how wonderful your home is, if the surrounding area is left to its own devices the whole look of the place with be spoiled. Worse still, this neglect can really bring down the value of the property as well as inhibit your lifestyle. When the outside elements of the property are designed with care to reflect the kind of lifestyle you want, then the whole ties in together and you can really enjoy all that your back garden offers.

                  Landscape design needs a professional

                  Many people design their own gardens, or allow them to design themselves. Usually such a person has no idea or feel for landscape design and cannot envisage just how good it could be. They get caught up in their work or sports and hobbies and just use their home for relaxation rather than any of the outdoor parts of the property. This really reduces their lifestyle down to the essentials, instead of allowing them to expand and explore new ways of having fun and relaxation.

                  Rather than allowing your backyard to be bland and boring, you can really make it pop by having a professional landscape designer take a look and suggest ways to make the most of it. Here are some suggestions.

                  • Add a deck with an outdoor kitchen for alfresco meals and entertaining.
                  • Add a pool so that the children – and adults – can have great fun in the hot weather.
                  • Fence off a pool with glass fencing so that the area is not made to look smaller than it really is. In fact, it will look larger since all the plants and features in the garden will be visible from the pool and vice versa.
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                  What Happens at an Orthodontist Appointment

                  Most people who go to an orthodontist?like Dentist Joondalup to have braces fitted to their teeth are either children or teenagers.? It is natural for them to feel very nervous about the whole thing, wondering what exactly will happen and whether it will hurt. This is natural, since they can easily equate this trip with going to a dentist where they may have had a tooth filled.

                  However, when you go to the dental specialist to have your teeth assessed for treatment, the good news is that it certainly won’t cause any pain, at least on the first consultation. This is the time when you will have –

                  • x-rays
                  • photographs
                  • digital scans or
                  • perhaps plaster moulds done,

                  often by a dental hygienist rather than the orthodontist.

                  The second part of the consultation is when the orthodontist examines all these things and assesses the shape of your face, teeth, gums and jaw and tells you exactly what is needed. He or she will give you all the details you need and you’ll be able to ask questions about things that might worry you. You may want to consider this for a while before making any decisions. However, if you or your child needs braces, it is best to go ahead quickly with the treatment to get it over and done with.

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                  4 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home with Children

                  Moving is a hassle but once you have arrived at your new home and your removalists?like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne?have left you have to unpack. For a family with smaller children this can be a difficult time, but there are ways to make it easier. It is often mum who bears the brunt of it, if she is home caring for the kids while dad goes to work. But there are some things you can do to smooth out the process for your children and hence, for yourself.

                  1.Unpack the kids’ stuff first

                  Most parents want to get the kitchen stuff unpacked first so that cooking a meal is quick and easy, but focusing on the needs of the children will settle them down and help the work to flow without the interruptions of littlies wanting reassurance.

                  When you unpack their stuff first, they will feel like they belong and will often settle down to play with the toys that they were afraid would not arrive at all. Settling them into their rooms will prevent any squabbling about who is sleeping where or sharing storage space.

                  2.Make it easy on yourself

                  Leaving the mess is not what you want to do, but taking them for a walk around the neighbourhood to find the parks, library, cinema, school or local fast food outlet will help them become familiar with the new district and to feel more at home. And to make it easy on yourself, buy the evening meal as you come home. They are sure to be happy about that and settle in more quickly – and you won’t have to cook or wash up after it.

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                  Graphic Design Ideas that Pop

                  Graphic design should be so good it pops and sizzles, but unfortunately, much is so bland and boring it slips out of our notice, along with whatever it was advertising. Not all designers have what it takes to create great design, but by taking heed of just a few tips you can edge out the competition and become the kind of graphic designer that everyone wants to work for them. So here are a few idea to make your graphic design memorable.

                  • Fonts are an essential element in most graphic design, but you may be unsure which to use where – and shouldn’t it all be the same in a design? Not so. Pairing contrasting fonts can really make the design special – especially if you make one font large and the other smaller. This brings out the contrast and helps to make the text appealing.
                  • Colour is a very important component of any graphic design. Yours will really stand out if you match the font colour to the main colour in the graphics. For an exact match you can get the 6-digit HEX code by using a colour picker tool. You can also make the colour stand out more against a patterned background if you enclose it in a semi-transparent box or shape.
                  • Another way to help light text stand out when placed on a patterned background is to darken the background.
                  • Colour saturation can increase the vibrancy of an image that may otherwise look somewhat washed out.
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                  10 Benefits of Using Limestone Products

                  It is a well-known saying that you get what you pay for. What it really means is when you try to save money by buying cheap, you will find yourself with a cheap and nasty product that either doesn’t do what it is supposed to, or it breaks within a year or two. So when choosing products for the home and even building materials, cheap is not the best way to go.

                  Not only will you end up with a home that has little value, all that money you saved will be spent replacing parts that don’t last or maintaining them so they last a bit longer. Plus, some building materials still cost a lot but don’t have some of the properties of stone and so you spend more on comfort – heating and cooling – over the lifetime of the home. That said, let’s look at the benefits of using Perth limestone products.

                  • Limestone bricks or blocks as cladding will give you a home that has a high value and thus, a high resale value even in many years time.
                  • Cladding your home with limestone will ensure that the temperature remains constant so there is less need for heating and cooling. You save money.
                  • A feature wall in limestone not only looks decorative and adds value; it can also have practical uses such as cutting glare, offering privacy and creating shade.
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                  Musts for Healthy Skin

                  There are plenty of tips and advice around to make your skin more healthy, but it doesn’t pay to take advice from just anywhere. Skin is the largest organ of your body and as such, needs sensible care that is simpler than you may think. Many problems with skin are due to what is put on it in the form of chemicals. A natural approach can be far more effective, especially if you have sensitive skin. Here are some musts for healthy skin.

                  • Use skin care products that don’t contain a boatload of chemicals. Even dyes and fragrances can irritate the skin. Go for a skin care product that is gentle and mild.
                  • Skin should not feel tight after you have finished your daily care routine. If it does, you’ve probably stripped away the natural oils that are there to protect it.
                  • Stop dry skin?by using moisturiser after washing your face.
                  • Find out what type of skin you have and purchase products to suit it rather than choosing what your favourite singer uses. Realise that you can have oily skin on parts of your face and dry on other parts.
                  • Reduce your stress levels – even if you are stressing out over a zit. Stress is bad for the health of your skin as well as for your whole body. Set apart some ‘me time’ or use some kind of relaxation technique.
                  • Moisturise your skin regularly especially if you spend a lot of time swimming. After showering is the best time as that helps it lock in moisture. Pat your face dry rather than scrubbing at it with the towel.
                  • Get plenty of exercise; it’s not only good for your health overall, but especially good for the skin as it helps to remove toxins and reduce stress. It also helps the skin to produce collagen, which reduces wrinkles.
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                  Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential for Health

                  Carpets are one of the most popular floor coverings for both homes and commercial buildings. This is due to the comfortable warmth and noise insulation they provide. Walking on a hard surface is not only tiring, it is noisy, both to those on the same floor and to those underneath. However, according to Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth since carpet cannot be washed like a hard floor surface can, it poses a health hazard if you do not get?carpet cleaning?on a regular basis.

                  How your carpets get dirty

                  • Carpets in the home are exposed to more dirt and germs than those in commercial buildings mainly because pets often live there. Dogs and cats roam outside in the dirt and when they come inside, a small percentage always comes with them. Then they groom themselves to remove dirt and it goes into the carpet, along with their hair and dander, even if you can’t see it. These animals may even have fleas, eczema or other skin conditions, the bacteria from which will be wiped into the carpet as they lie or play on it.
                  • Birds may be kept in cages, but their feathers and dander drift out of the cage and settle onto the carpet. Those that fly around the house are likely to defecate as they go and if it lands on the carpet it is impossible to get it all out.
                  • Children tend to run inside without wiping their shoes or bare feet first and so dirt and grime is tracked inside. And it wipes off onto the carpet which acts like a towel, scraping off dirt from passing foot traffic and hiding it deep within the fibres.
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                  4 Ways to Get Off the Tourist Trail in Bali

                  Expert Bali holiday advisers Easy Bali Villas says that while many people who go to Bali on holidays are content to either stay in nice hotels or villas and do all the touristy things and visit the common and popular places, others may want to seek out and experience the true culture of this exotic island by getting off the tourist trail. Here are 4 ways to help you find adventure that is a little different from the main tourist drag in Bali.

                  1. Head north. Whether you drive from the south to the north, or simply book accommodation there for the whole of your stay, the north will provide many attractions that are free from the usual crowds of tourists. Whether you seek beaches untouched by the tourist footprint or sleepy villages where you can mingle with the natives going about their daily life, Lovina, Singaraja and Pemuteran are all worth your time and attention. In fact, Singaraja was once the capital of Bali and is still the second largest city on the island. Gitgit is a small village outside of the city surrounded by jungle and waterfalls, for those who desire to get out of the city.
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                  A Lesson In Economics Courtesy Of SEO Study

                  Has anybody else noticed the correlation between the top-paying SEO keywords and the state of the Western English-speaking economy? No, don’t skim over this, it’s very easy to understand and very startling. According to?wordstream.com, the six top-paying Google adwords keywords are…

                  1. Insurance
                  2. Loans
                  3. Mortgage
                  4. Attorney
                  5. Credit
                  6. Lawyer
                  7. Donate
                  8. Degree
                  9. Hosting
                  10. Claim

                  Now, pause and consider: all of these words have a common theme. They are debt-related. No, really! They’re all financial terms covering some aspect of business related to monetary liability. In insurance, you need that to pay for damages when things go wrong, loans are what you take out when you’re going into debt, mortgages are a kind of debt with a house attached, attorneys are who you need to settle matters pertaining to all of the above…

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                  How Your Dentist Will Treat Gum Disease

                  Gum disease is basically inflammation of the gums that occurs due to the bacterial growth caused by the plaque that remains on the teeth when teeth and gums are not cleaned and flossed daily. Just like Joondalup City Dental, every dentist will tell you that oral health is essential and you need to keep your teeth clean and to know how to clean them properly.

                  In addition, having your teeth checked regularly will ensure that tartar is cleaned from under the gums. Tartar forms when plaque is left on the teeth and eventually goes hard. In this condition it is impossible to remove it with a toothbrush; it can only be removed by the dentist. If it is not removed, it is one of several conditions that lead to gum disease.

                  There are two types of gum disease

                  • Gingivitis, which causes soft, swollen, red gums that often bleed easily. With careful cleaning and treatment to remove tartar, this condition can be reversed.
                  • Periodontitis otherwise known as periodontal disease, happens when gingivitis is not properly treated and spreads to ligaments and bones around the teeth. If not treated it can lead to teeth becoming loose and falling out. Even then it can continue to effect the jaw bone. It is essential to have professional dental treatment for this condition. If this does not happen the infection can spread to other parts of the body and cause many serious problems including stroke.
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                  The Trouble with Nutrition

                  Nutrition is a word that is bandied about in many women’s magazines and even on television. We are told to have a healthy diet and also take supplements so that we get enough nutrition, add nutritional powders of all kinds to our fruit juice, juice our fruits and vegetables to ensure we don’t miss some vital vitamin and so on. So what’s the problem with this? Here are a few facts that could surprise you.

                  • Supplements: In tablet form, many supplements are synthetic. Our body often cannot make use of them in the same way it does with ‘real’ food. Often, the body doesn’t even recognise the supplement as food, so it just doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream and taken to the areas that need it. The vitamins and minerals that come from a natural diet are bound up in highly complex molecular structures that cannot be duplicated by those chemical processes that are used in making supplements. Some tablets do not even get dissolved in the digestive system, but pass straight through, wasting your money and leaving you devoid of all those healthy vitamins you thought were making you healthy. Additionally, some supplements are made from genetically modified food and you don’t even know it.
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                  10 Tips to Lower the Cost of Building a Home

                  Building a home is not always cheaper than buying one, but sometimes either option can seem out of your reach.? If you are thinking of building a home, here are some tips you may be able to use to lower the cost. Even if you use just one or two it will mean some kind of savings.

                  • Some blocks are quite big, more than you really need for a home. If you have a good friend or relative who is also wanting to build a home, consider going halves with them in a bigger block, then dividing it in half. But remember, it has to be someone you won’t mind having for a neighbour. And you will have to be sure that council will allow the division.
                  • Some blocks are challenging to build on due to the shape or size, or the fact that they are on steep ground. These blocks can often be priced more cheaply than blocks that are easy to build on. However, be careful of steep slopes because what you save on the block may need to be spent on the construction of the home.
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                  9 Tips for Moving into Your New Home with Teens

                  Moving is stressful on its own, but when you add teens to the mix it can be a nightmare. However, it doesn’t have to be. Teens are old enough to help, but even if you hire Brilliance Removalists Perth?and they only unpack their own stuff, it will save you having to do it. Here are some tips to help make moving into your new home with teens easier.

                  • Your teens need and deserve to know why you are moving and what you expect will improve for the whole family. They need to be listened to and so even though you know what they are giving up, listen to them and try to address their fears or concerns. If they know you are on their side, they won’t feel so abandoned.
                  • Talk to them about your expectations for them and for the family as a whole. It doesn’t hurt to admit your own fears or concerns about the move and let them know how you are dealing with them.
                  • Give them a moving timeline so they know what to expect. Ask for their help in packing and put them in charge of packing their own stuff. You may have to show them how to pack goods safely, especially breakables. Give them tips on labelling so they can keep track of their stuff.
                  • Make sure they know what to expect for their own life. They will likely be leaving their school, friends and social scene. Make sure they know what they are heading to. Perhaps they could even choose their new school.
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                  What to Expect During Botox Treatment

                  Botox treatment is not complicated. It is simply a matter of having injections in the site you want to have wrinkles removed from. However, to get to the point of treatment you will need to see the doctor first and make an appointment for the treatment. It is important to take note of what the doctor tells you and be sure to apply it where necessary.

                  What your doctor needs to know

                  You will need to tell the doctor about any medical or other conditions you have and what medications you are taking, including supplements and herbal remedies. It is important for the doctor to know about such things, because many of them thin the blood and so will make bruising more likely. You will need to go off these medications before the treatment. However, if you have a medical condition you need to take medication for on a regular basis, you should consult your GP first. It is possible that you may not be able to undergo Botox treatment in this case. Be guided by your doctors in all cases.

                  To make-up – or not

                  Once your appointment is set up and you arrive for the treatment, you will find that any makeup must be removed. It would be quite okay to go in without wearing any make-up. Depending on how many units of Botox you need for your treatment and where the injection site is, you may be given local or topical anaesthetic.

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                  The Most Effective Automatic Pool Cleaners

                  Installing a pool is a wonderful way to get the children out of the house and doing healthy exercise where you can watch over them. When you have a pool, you will know that the biggest headache is keeping it – and thus the water in it – clean, so it is safe to swim in and swallow, since kids usually end up doing this while they are playing in the pool. An automatic kreepykrauly will take much of the drudgery out of cleaning the pool.

                  There are many different kinds of pool cleaners available, so you need to do some small research to ensure you get the best one for your pool. Some cleaners suit small pools, while others are better for larger ones; still others suit a specific shape such as curved or cornered while others will even climb steps.? To get the most effective machine for the job all these things should be taken into account, but there is still another way to get the best cleaner and that is to look at robotic cleaners.

                  Just like robotic house vacuum cleaners, the robotic pool cleaners work pretty much on their own. You only have to put them in the pool and watch them go to work. In fact, watching is not necessary, but you are sure to want to watch your cleaner working at first, just for the joy of seeing it do all that hard work instead of you.

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                  Packing Tips for a Bali Holiday

                  No matter where you go for a holiday it is difficult not to over-pack, but this is never so true as going to Bali because it is so hot and humid, in fact, many are able to travel with only carry-on luggage. You will only need summer clothing there, so leave coats, jumpers and trackies at home. This will free up a lot of space in your luggage, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it up. So whether you are going to stay in one of Balis best hotels or one of the?amazing villas on offer, Easy Villas offers some good packing tips for your Bali holiday.

                  • Don’t stress about what to pack. If in doubt leave it out. You can always purchase more when you get there if you need it. Many items in Bali prove to be really cheap.
                  • Pack only lightweight clothing. Swimming? Take two swimsuits so they will have a chance to dry out in between swims, whether it be at your accommodation or at one of the beautiful beaches
                  • Take one cocktail dress and dressy sandals to go with it. For the rest, shorts, t-shirts or casual tops and joggers for walking are all you will need. Thongs for beachwear/casual walking are also good.
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                  The Joys of Outdoor Living

                  While living indoors allows us to create a controlled climate that is comfortable year round, there are many benefits to outdoor living as well. Fresh air and sunshine are actually healthy for us. If we don’t get a certain amount of sun on our skin it can adversely affect our health, as health care officials have begun to realise. Sun interacting with our skin makes Vitamin D, an important vitamin whose lack makes us very unhealthy.

                  Besides the health aspect of being outside, there is the social aspect. When a space for outdoor entertaining, alfresco meals, or just relaxing outside is created, people gather there and chat as well as enjoying their time outdoors. And somehow, it is different from doing the same thing inside.

                  Teenagers – known for disappearing into their rooms at age 13 and not reappearing until they leave school – ?tend to like sitting outside by a fire pit and discussing the world with their peers. It has become a cool thing to do. Children who are couch potatoes exercising only their electronic game finger, actually run around outside with a ball, the dog or a friend, so they get more exercise than they normally would inside. Add a swing, slide or sandpit and they will begin to love the outdoors, too.

                  When we go outside, especially if there is a place created especially, we can appreciate the sun, the breeze, birdsong and flowers. In a way it’s a bit like being let out of prison. The home can become a prison if we are not careful. Everywhere you look there is cleaning or something else to be done, especially if you work outside the home and don’t get a chance to clean during the week.

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                  8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Design

                  When you have a website it is usually because you want to interact with others in some way, whether to sell a product or service, or just get visitors to sign up for something. According to Slinky Web Design our web design plays an important part in accomplishing this, but in some cases it does not do the job you had hoped, or does not do it as well as you thought it would. The reason could be your web design.

                  If visitors find navigating your website difficult, or they can’t find what they want they will soon leave. But don’t despair because there are easy ways to improve your web design so that the user experience is enhanced. Here are some tips you can implement to make your web design better.

                  • Link each page to the home page. Many webmasters think that visitors only come to their site via the home page, but this is not true. When visitor come via another page you need to make it easy for them to find the home page so they can take the action you want them to. Make the link back to the home page obvious and easy to see and tell them to click on it.
                  • Use responsive design. It is essential in this day and age when so many people connect to the internet via their iPhones or other small device. If your website is set up to be read on a desktop PC it will be difficult to read on a smaller screen.
                  • Ensure your navigation is intuitive. Most links are found in a line across the top of the page while secondary ones go down the left side the page. It is better to put all those links that are not so important down in the footer where they can be found but are not cluttering up space where it is needed.
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                  How to Care for Your Limestone Floor

                  Limestone floors are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are stunningly beautiful.? Not only do they add value to your home; they also create a hard-wearing and durable surface that will last for decades. But just like any other flooring surface, they require care to always look their best.

                  The main thing to remember is that only a PH neutral cleaning product should be used to wash or mop the floor, or to spot wash a spill. Most household cleansers are acidic, but the acid will have a negative effect on the limestone, eating it away over time.

                  When the floor is first laid, it will have been sealed, so this will keep the floor in good shape for some time. But when water no longer beads on the top it is soaking into the floor, which means it is time to reseal. Being porous, limestone will absorb moisture – and stains – unless it is kept sealed.

                  Even when resealing, care must be taken not to use too much of the product in one spot in case it stains. It should be spread evenly, left for about 30 minutes to soak in, then the excess wiped off. The first sealing should occur before the grout is put in as even that can stain limestone. Two coats of sealant may be necessary. However, if the limestone has been crushed and mixed with cement to make the tiles, it will not be as porous.

                  The supplier will very likely give you instructions on the care of the floor and these should be followed carefully to ensure your beautiful floor is never spoiled.

                  Mistakes to avoid when cleaning limestone tiles

                  • Using bleach
                  • Flooding the floor with water
                  • Never rinsing the cleanser off
                  • Not changing dirty water frequently
                  • Leaving residual moisture in the cracks.
                  • Not wiping up spills immediately
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                  Budgeting Tips for Your New Home

                  Few people can purchase a home without getting a loan to do so. That means you have to pay back the loan plus interest – and lots more besides; stamp duty, insurance, solicitors fees and so on. Sometimes budgeting starts off well but you get off track, or extra bills come in unexpectedly and you find it more and more difficult to repay that loan. Here are some tips on how to stay on track with your budgeting.

                  • If you find it increasingly difficult to pay the mortgage off, it is time to stop and take a reality check. First thing to do is write down everything you spend money on for a whole week – yes, every single thing from that morning coffee to your snack bar or magazine. It may shock you to see just where the money is going.? It will also enable you to find ways to plug up the leak so you don’t have to default on your mortgage repayments. Know what’s coming in and how much is going out. The former should be more than the latter. If not, cut back ruthlessly. People once lived quite well without Foxtel, internet connections, mobile phones, coffee from a coffee shop, going out for meals and going out to concerts or footie games. They had no more than 3 outfits. You can do the same if it means keeping your house.
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                  Side Effects of Liposuction

                  Every surgical procedure has some kind of side-effects. Since liposuction is surgery, it too, has certain side-effects that you should know about. That is not to say that they should cause you concern; it is just something you need to cope with for the result you want. If you have concerns about anything, don’t be afraid to discuss it with your doctor beforehand.

                  Why there are variations in the side effects

                  There will be different side effects for different kinds of liposuction in Perth. It depends on: –

                  • The number of incisions – the side effects for a patient having only a few incisions will be quite different for someone who has many incisions over a wide area.
                  • The size of the area treated – as above. A larger area will require more incisions.
                  • What kind of anaesthetic is used. The general anaesthetic itself will often cause certain side effects such as nausea, vomiting and sometimes, chills. Since it is more a strong sedative than a pain killer, there will be more pain afterwards than if a local numbing agent is used alone – or used with it.
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                  How to Spot a Lemon When Buying Property

                  Buying your first house is an exciting time and you can hardly wait to sign on the dotted line and move in. In fact, even when buying for a second or third time you will feel excited and ready to make that fresh start in a new home that suits you even better than the one before.? However, don’t get carried away be the excitement or the emotional attachment you may feel to a home. Some homes are lemons, having things wrong with them that will have you calling a home maintenance company like JCA Services constantly and will be very costly to fix. How do you spot a lemon?

                  • Look for damp patches that can signal a problem with the plumbing, the guttering or the waterproofing. These can be in spots other than the basement, so look high and low. Check for fresh patches of paint and suspect that they are there to cover mould that won’t wash out. Mould is very unhealthy to live in so this is definitely a lemon.
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                  5 Scams to Avoid in Bali

                  As reported by Luxury Villas Bali, every country has scams, but when it is a popular tourist destination?and the locals are mainly poor, it is more likely that there will be even more scams to watch out for. Whether you have never been to Bali or are a regular there, here are some scams to watch out for.

                  • Money changing scams. What happens is that the money-changer counts out your notes while quickly slipping one back behind the counter and you – mostly – don’t even notice. Another scam is to put up the exchange rate. You’ll see plenty of boards advertising amazing rates and no commission. Most are too good to be true. Instead, choose the more reputable businesses that do money changing; PT Central Kuta, Dirgahayu Valuta Prima and Wahana which all have branches in and around Legian and Kuta. You can also get good rates at Ngura Rai International airport. When out shopping, always put your fare for the trip back aside so you can’t spend it and then need to get more money changed over at the last minute.
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                  What To Do If You Get Into Trouble

                  There are many ways to get into trouble and sometimes the consequences of doing something on impulse are far reaching – even devastating. The first and foremost thing to do if you get into serious trouble with the law is to contact someone like PCLB Criminal Lawyers?for help. They will even come to the police station, if that is where you are, and see what the trouble is about. Then they will be able to post bail to get you out of gaol, or they may be able to make the police let you go, if they are holding you without enough evidence.

                  You have a right to some kind of legal aid. If you can’t afford a lawyer, one that offers their services for free will be designated. While this is better than none, it is much better to get your own as they tend to work harder on your behalf. When speaking to your lawyer, it is always best to tell them the truth of the matter so they can form a better idea of what will happen to you and how they can best help you. The truth usually comes out in the end anyway, so you can be a few steps ahead by telling your lawyer exactly what happened.

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                  How Landscaping Professionals can Enhance Your Lifestyle

                  When it comes to getting landscaping done, whether it is residential or commercial, having landscaping professionals in to do the job is really the best way to go, especially in places such as Western Australia where both the weather and soil type can pose challenges.

                  One reason why gardens fail

                  A lot of our garden plants and even the methods we use to garden have filtered down from England, a country where the weather is cool and damp. When you translate these plants and methods to a country known for its heat and dry climate it is no wonder that many gardens become disaster areas.

                  Landscaping professionals may have learned such methods, but since they are experienced in Australian conditions they know when to leave those tried and true – for England – ways of gardening behind and get with Australian methods. One of these is finding ways to conserve moisture in the garden rather than draining it away as is necessary in wetter climates. The addition of organic mulch or non-organic covers such as pebbles are both good ways to conserve moisture and the latter adds colour and interest.

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                  Why You Need a Will

                  Many people put off making a Will until it is too late, while others don’t think they need one. However, if you have property – and this includes superannuation – you need to refer to a lawyer’s list and go and organise a?Will to ensure it is distributed properly after your death. Dying without a Will or consulting a Perth Wills Lawyer only makes thing more difficult for your family and it costs a lot to have the court decide who should benefit from your assets. This cost will be taken out of your assets, so your family will get much less than otherwise.

                  The trouble with an old Will

                  You may have made a Will years ago and think that is the end of the matter, but just like many things in this life, a Will may need to be upgraded or rewritten. If you divorce and/or remarry, your current Will is no longer of any use as it is not considered valid. At least, that’s how it is in Western Australia. So a new Will must be made to take into consideration your new circumstances. Then again, if your Will was made when you were younger and you now have more children or grandchildren that have not been mentioned, you may want to rewrite your will to include them.

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                  Party Hire – Try a Photo Booth

                  If you are hosting a party you will want all your guests to have a great time, so you need to pay attention to all the many details there are in getting a party off the ground. There are many things to arrange, from getting a good DJ and music to deciding what drinks and nibbles you’ll have. If you ask Lumin8 Events, one way to ensure guests have fun is to hire a photo booth.

                  Photo booth hire has become a popular trend for parties and other events. Everyone wants to look back on a party and remember what a good time they had. And everyone loves to look at photos. Put the two together and you’ll see a photo booth at your party will ensure your guests get both. They’ll not only have the photos to look at afterwards, but have lots of fun getting them taken on the night.

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                  OK, it means: the potential for causation of illness by medical treatment. The word is not in my dictionary, but I think it’s a good word. And it defines what I believe is a major health problem of our times. Let me phrase the problem in the form of a question: How much of the illness and disease running rampant today is caused by medicine? This question came up for me — once again, I should say– reading the May 2003 issue of Nutrition Action, the newsletter of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

                  In an article on digestion, aptly named “GasBusters”, by Bonnie Liebman, there is some commentary on medications such as Pepto-Bismol, which are based on bismuth subsalicylate, a common over-the-counter digestive remedy generally not considered harmful. Ms Liebman goes on to say, “But take Pepto-Bismol every day and you could end up with bismuth toxicity. It causes a dementia that can sometimes masquerade as Alzheimer’s disease.”

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                  Bringing Kitchen Design Out of the Dark Ages

                  What every woman dreams of is a modern kitchen that is smart, functional and looks amazing. Unfortunately, people with older homes are unlikely to have this unless they get a professional?kitchen designer?like Kitchen Professionals in to completely renovate this important room. With the advent of open floor plans, the kitchen is in full view of everyone, so it simply must look its best.

                  If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, don’t settle for less than the best. Even new pre-made cupboards and appliances won’t do the job you expect. Once the excitement wears off you’ll realise that your kitchen is really just another kitchen and it most likely still has some design faults, albeit not the same ones –hopefully – that it had before.

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                  Don’t Ignore Security Fencing

                  Lower safety Levels

                  The levels of security in cities and neighbourhoods is deteriorating quickly. Relying on traditional security systems to ensure your safety and that of your investments is getting harder, almost impossible. By investing in a reliable security system to protect your premises, you will be able to achieve a peace of mind. There is a wide variety of systems available ranging from motion detectors to residential security fencing.

                  Fencing Traditions

                  Fencing has been used for hundreds of years to keep out unwanted guests and to maintain privacy. People still place importance on the protection of their property, assets and buildings. While we no longer have the castle, the moat and the drawbridge, there has been a design evolution to adapt to changed living conditions and housing structures. To meet the specific needs of customers, more sophisticated fencing designs are being made.

                  Fencing Made to Order

                  Functional modifications and design changes to fencing are made to the requirements of customers. If a customer requires high levels of security, then a more complex solution will be required compared to premises needing a lower level of security, such as your home.

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                  8 Essential SEO Tips

                  SEO Perth Experts explains that Search Engine Optimisation is a term for several ways and means of getting your page ranked higher in the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Why is this desirable? If you have ever searched online for something you will very likely have clicked on one of the websites that the search engines offer from their first page. And of all the choices on that first page, you most likely clicked on one of the first three.

                  So if you can get the search engines to show your website in that position you will get a great deal more organic or free traffic than a website that is on the second, third or other pages.

                  But how can you get the search engines to choose your website and put it on their first page? Here are 8 SEO tips to help you.

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                  The Importance of Safe Scaffolding

                  Many buildings these days are high-rise, even residential buildings. Few such structures can be built without some form of scaffolding to provide access to those parts that are out

                  of reach. Whether it’s a high-rise of many storeys or a home with one high side, safe scaffolding is needed if the job is to be completed safely.

                  We have heard of scaffolding collapsing for whatever reason and it is a danger not only to the people using it, but to those who are underneath. Severe injuries or loss of life are the results of scaffolding falling down and anyone who survives must be considered very lucky. So how can you ensure the scaffolding for any building job is safe?

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                  Despair and Gloom: How to get out

                  Two recent movies presented a view of the slow, sad grind of purposeless middle America: The Good Girl (with Jennifer Aniston), and About Schmidt (with Jack Nicholson). In both of them, the characters were caught in a bleak environment where life seemed to have no purpose in particular, and they couldn’t get out of it. I related to these sad lives because there was a time in my own life – many, many years ago – where I had similar feelings.

                  It was shortly after my arrival to the US, in the early sixties, when I got what I eventually recognized as “the blues”. I had a series of low level jobs, and at times had brief fantasies of sweeping everything off the tables and making a mess. These feelings surprised me, as they were new. They had something to do with trying to rebel against the sense of sameness – there was a song at the time that mentioned about all the homes made of “ticky tacky” and they all looked just the same. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, but I also associated the feelings with the German expression “weltschmerz,” or “pain about the world.” Mostly, I felt sorry for myself and didn’t like how I felt. Life sucked, as we would say today. I ascribed it to the state of the world and my understanding of how people messed everything up.

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                  Carpets vs. Other Flooring Choices

                  If you are renovating your home you may have decided to pull up that old carpet instead of worrying that your carpet cleaning efforts are not good enough. Timber floors always look beautiful, while tiles come a close second. Besides, they are easy to maintain and you can wash them without getting a professional in to do the job, right?

                  Brilliance Cleaning will tell you that there is more to consider. Carpets are a popular choice for several reasons. Here are some of the benefits of carpet that you may not get with a hard floor.

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                  Frankenstein Food

                  Perhaps a little dramatic, but not altogether off the mark. We’re talking about food that has had certain characteristics cut out, and others, perhaps from a different species, pasted in. How appropriate for the end of the 20th Century! We certainly know how to eat at nice fine dining restaurants and cut and paste on our computers, how to do heart and kidney and liver transplants, why not extend the metaphor to plants and animals?

                  Genetic engineering is a hot topic, although the industry does not want to call attention to it. Preferably, it should proceed quietly and inexorably, so that by the time we notice, it’s already here and inescapable. In fact, that’s what already has happened. According to the New York Times, some 45 million acres of farmland have been planted with biotech crops. At least 38 different crop species have been genetically engineered for specific traits, crops that include soy, cotton, corn, wheat, and potatoes. Your favorite miso, tempeh, soy sauce, cookies, and chips could have been manufactured from these “transgenic” crops. Or not. But, unless you buy organic food always, you have no way of knowing, because these foods are not labeled. Not only that, by law foods that are NOT genetically engineered may not say so. The idea is that if they advertise themselves as not genetically manipulated, that implies that genetically engineered foods are inferior — and the courts have held that such an implication interferes with a newly minted “right” of free speech by corporations. Isn’t our language wonderful?

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